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Western CO / Eastern UT Fall Expedition (Part 1)

I left my home in Western Iowa on September 11th bright and early heading for Lower Piedra campground near Bayfield, CO. My buddy Glenn headed out at roughly the same time from his home in Southern Missouri.

I stopped over – after driving for 12+ hours – in Fairplay, CO, at the Western Inn Motel, continuing early the next morning towards my destination. I arrived just after noon on the 12th, witnessing what looked like a veritable exodus from the campground: pretty much every site appeared to have been occupied (Labor Day week…,) and everybody was heading out, but two sites, which stayed occupied.

Our favorite site was just being vacated as I drove up, so I immediately snagged it and started unpacking my gear and setting up. About one hour later, Glenn drove up. We had our hammocks and tarps strung up in no time.

We are staying at Lower Piedra until the 15th, when we are heading West and North to Silverton via the backways, “Dolores to Norwood” and “Dave Wood Trail.” We’ll try to find a dispersed site somewhere between Montrose and Silverton… Stay tuned until next Saturday for the continuation!

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