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Camp Setups (Part 2)

When traveling for photo expeditions, I typically have one of three camp setups:

  1. ‘Car camping’ style overnighter: Either with a small tent, e.g. the MSR Fury or Hubba Hubba – depending on the time of year, or with my hammock.
  2. ‘Base camp’ style multi-nighter: Typically with my OZtent RV-3, or with the hammock.
  3. ‘Hike-out’ style: In this situation, I will either have the Jeep parked somewhere from where I kike to my photography spot, or I am doping an over-nighter after hiking from base camp.

In this week’s post, I will explore the second point – base camp.

In the ‘base camp’ situation, since I’m typically in a spot for an extended period of time, I usually have more “stuff” out. In the photographs above, you can see a typical setup when staying (in this case) at a developed campground (Angel of Shavano.)

I am here with my my buddy Glenn, using my OZtent RV-3, while he is staying in his Gazelle. As you can see in the photos, we both have a lot of “stuff” deployed – Our camp chairs, a Coleman 3-burner multi-fuel stove, a ground fire with cast iron frying pan (as well as my Dutch Oven,) my multi-fuel Coleman lamp, etc.

Inside my RV-3, I have my tripod chair, my insulated pad, my 0F sleeping bag, my porta-potty, my Mr Buddy heater, etc. Setting all this up for a simple overnighter would obviously be quite inefficient – it’d probably take longer to set up and break down camp, then we would be on site to sleep :).

Yes, my basecamp setup is more ‘glamping’ then camping – guilty as charged ;).

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