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Camp Setups (3-Part Series)

When traveling for photo expeditions, I typically have one of three camp setups:

  1. ‘Car camping’ style overnighter: Either with a small tent, e.g. the MSR Fury or Hubba Hubba – depending on the time of year, or with my hammock.
  2. ‘Base camp’ style multi-nighter: Typically with my OZtent RV-3, or with the hammock.
  3. ‘Hike-out’ style: In this situation, I will either have the Jeep parked somewhere from where I kike to my photography spot, or I am doping an over-nighter after hiking from base camp.

In this week’s post, I will explore the first point – car camping overnighter.

In the first two photographs, I am set up for a night sky photography session near the Needles Overlook in Utah. Since this was during the Summer, I chose to use my Hubba Hubba tent, without the rainfly. I spent the better part of the night photographing the galactic center and star trails, and only ‘retired’ around 0300MDT, when the moon started to come up.

I did use my 40F sleeping bag with an insulated pad and was nice and toasty.

In the next two photographs, I have my Hennessy hammock set up with my underquilt and a 0F sleeping bag with my Hammock-V insulated pad. In this case I was near Silverton, CO at approximately 11,000ft elevation in mid-September.

The final photograph is from me using my hammock off the Jeep, since there was no suitable second tree to hang it from. Using my 0F bag with my insulated pad, I was nice and toasty for the night again.

As you can see, different gear, while not necessary, does give you options to set up camp in various ways, depending on the situation at hand.

Next week, I’ll explore my standard “base camp” setup…

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  1. My camping days are over, but I enjoyed reading your thorough and well-written hammock review.

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