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Overland Power Station

The closest I get to a dual battery system in the Jeep…

At 518Wh/24Ah (@21.6V) capacity and up to 500W power output, this portable power station is great to use off-grid, or even at the house when the power is out.

I use mine in the Wrangler like a second battery. My ARB fridge/freezer is plugged into the Jackery, which in turn is plugged into a 12V receptacle in the Jeep to keep it charging. Besides the 12V charging option using the car or a solar panel it can also be charged using the included 110V wall charger off a wall outlet/AC, or even a generator, recharging it from empty to 100% in ~16h, respectively ~7.5h.

Typically, I do not run the battery down much beyond 60% charge left, and it is significantly faster recharging from there. When at camp, I usually take the device into the tent with me, allowing me to plug in my phone overnight, as well as my laptop and/or my iPad. In this situation, I just plug the fridge directly into the Jeep, since I replaced the OEM battery with an Odyssey Extrme hybrid. If I’m not driving around for more than 2 or 3 days, I use the solar panels to keep that one topped, and rotate them between the Jackery and the Wrangler.

I will create a video review, showing my standard usage of the system, as soon as I get back out on the road. I should also mention that, as usual for my reviews, I purchased this unit using my own funds, and all my opinions are my own. If you’re interested in this portable power station as well, here is a link to my affilioate store on Amazon:

Note that if you purchase via that link, I do get a small commission, which helps me make content for you!

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