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Preparing to Film…

Isobutane – Spirits (Heet) – Twigs

With the bug and other crazyness last year, I have been swamped wrapping up client projects – both filming, and editing, and am only now getting around to starting to produce new content for the channel.

And – having migrated from photography to video (while still shooting fine art landscape stills,) I have learned a lot in the last year – one good thing about that social distancing BS… In the past, I usually just threw together the channel content in a day – from “planning,” to shooting, to editing, to uploading – and most of the content shows it…

This year, I have decided to take on less client work, and make more content for the channel – starting with a video a month; that should give me plenty of time to actually really plan, storyboard, shoot, and edit those videos, making them better quality and more enjoyable and informative to watch.

Also not planning on VLOG style, or long-form me walking in the woods, cutting firewood, sitting at t he fire for 50 minutes to an hour, saying 10 words. 🙂

Anyhow. First video will be about the Firebox stoves – both the Nano and the 5″ ‘full size’ – and the various fuels they allow you to run. Will be a series of at least 3 videos, shot together, but released over consecutive week-ends.

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