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Ground Shelter

Like I said before, I like my comfort, even when out and about; and especially when weight is not a (huge) issue… So, I treated myself to the OzTent RV-3 for base camp style photo expeditions. I.e. outings where I typically stay in a specific area for a couple of days (or longer,) with Jeep daytrips to locales that are photography worthy. I even sometimes do an overnighter hiking away from the Jeep with my ultralight kit to get the shot.

With the RV-3, I typically take along my cot, and use my NEMO Cosmo 3D insulated sleeping pad on it, together with either the Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll, or the NEMO Jazz sleeping bag, depending on temperature.

Here is my original “unboxing and first setup,” a quick review, as well as a demonstration of the tent during a heavy thunderstorm…

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