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When car camping during photo expeditions, weight not being as big an issue than when backpacking, I like to stay comfy at night; especially above 10,000 feet…

Here is my standard hammock setup: Hennessy Explorer Deluxe hammock with the OneTigris Twilight Trekker underquilt. I also have the insulated KLYMIT Hammock-V sleeping pad in there, and either use my OneTigris Featherlite, or my Jacks R Better High Sierra Sniveler quilt on top. For the really cold nights, I also carry my Swiss Army wool blanket with me.

To protect me from wind and weather, I usually use my AquaQuest Defender 10’x13′ (3mx4m,) pictured above, or my DD Superlight XL 14.7’x9.5′ (2.9mx4.5m,) if I need to save weight.

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