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What’s Next?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s posts taking us down ‘memory lane’ of past photo expeditions!

For 2021, since I have less projects on my plate for clients (at least as of 2/1…,) I plan on getting back to weekly “TNTA” (This and That with Alain) shows, featuring gear reviews, gear comparisons, common camp activity tutorials, as well as at least one long-form travel/overlanding and camping “documentary” or “short.”

No, I am not doing VLOGs; there are already too many of those floating around on Youtube.

I am also finalizing preparations for my documentary on the Loess Hills. Filming for that one will start at the beginning of Spring, and go on for at least a year – need to get footage for all 4 seasons!

What do you want to see from me? Both here, and on my Youtube channel. Write your ideas and suggestions in the comments. Also, feel free to send me gear review/comparison topics you would like me to tackle. I might even throw in one or two tutorials for TNTA; subjects TBD! 🙂

Finally, don’t forget that my Fine Art Landscape print shop is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day…

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