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On my ToDo list for 2021 or 2022 – The Grand Canyon.

Northern Arizona isn’t too shabby either, though. Anybody visiting just has to go to one of the slot canyons – the most well-known being Antelope Canyon near Page. Like Monument Valley, these slot canyons (there’s actually an upper and a lower canyon,) are on Navarro land, so you’ll need a Navarro guide to visit.

If you plan on taking photographs, last time I visited, they charged more for photography tours, but in turn keep other folks out while photographing a feature. But – You have to be quick about it. We had a group of about 12 photographers, and we had maybe one minute to set up and make the photograph. The guides also threw sand into the light beams so as to make them visible for the photo. No tripods allowed, and I would suggest not to try and change lenses – it’s a very dusty/sandy environment and that fine sand will go everywhere!

Another attraction near Page is Horseshoe Bend. I was there last in 2016, and since then, due to tourist stupidity (taking a selfie next to a 1000+-foot drop isn’t the brightest…) they have built fences and rails, severely limiting how you can photograph the structure.

Exploring around Page is a great way to find ‘hidden treasures’ off the beaten path as well, like hoodoos or teepees. Some formations can even trigger “visions” – can you spot (the original) Obi-Wan Kenobi above?

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